Our Vision & Values

Our vision at Far North Solar Systems is for solar to become the logical choice for energy supply for the local commercial industry and home owners in the Far North.

Far North Solar Systems has a responsibility to our customers to deliver quality, cost-efficient solar energy solutions. Our aim is to deliver working outcomes beyond the expected call of duty, by going the extra mile to achieve the best working solar systems based on our customers’ needs.


At Far North Solar Systems we are committed to providing solar energy options for every household.

We show our customers it is possible to adopt a lifestyle independent of electricity companies steep power bills.

Far North Solar Systems is motivated to enable more people in the Far North to experience energy freedom and independence of conventional electricity providers. We are committed to development of solar energy systems that are efficient and cost effective for any situation. Solar is a lifestyle investment for families, offering real returns.


Is solar power worth it in the Far North? Yes, when done right!

Far North Solar Systems are proud suppliers, installers and the only local inspector of high-quality solar systems.

Far North Solar Systems supplies solar products of the highest quality that we’ll happily stand by. We are committed to guaranteeing quality and performance with all of our Far North Solar Systems products.

Customer Service

Our commitment to service means you won’t be left in the dark with any aspect of your solar choice.

We offer genuine expertise with personalised advice and customised quotes. Be assured that we take the time to inform our customers every step of the way, ensuring customer support and confidence.

It is our aim to understand our customers and fulfil their requirements. Our team of installers are local and certified in their trades. When your system is up and running we are proud to offer a continued, local one point of customer contact for seamless operations.

At Far North Solar Systems our customers are our number one priority, treated always with respect and integrity.